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Lockformer 20 ga with auto flanger

20 ga Lockformer pittsburg machine with top mount auto flanger.
Serial # 210474. Complete with manual. Used for downspouts and radius trim.
Pictures available upon request.

Call: Mike 704-576-0442
2006 Schechtyl MAB3100 10' x 14 ga. folder

2006 Schectyl MAB 3100 Serial #130706. New inverter and rewired motor.
Well maintained machine with hundreds of roof trim profiles preloaded.
Comes with all manuals, foot pedal and voltage transformers and disconnect.

PRICE: $35,000 OBO
Call: Mike 704-576-0442

I have a slightly used ZIMMERMAN electric standing seam metal roofing roll former that was purchased new 3 years ago that was used to roll 4 house roofs. It is currently equipped with the roller set for the snap-lock panel, 50' run out stands, de-coiler, custom made A-frame coil hoist with electric lift winch. Everything looks brand new, and was housed either in an enclosed trailer or stored in a pole barn. It is located in upstate NY near Utica.

PRICE: $25,000 OBO
Call: Rick Buck 315-725-3823 or e-mail clutchmaster3@hotmail.com
Roll Former

Roll former corp 5v crimp enclosed trailer

PRICE: Make Offer
Call: Tom 757-635-1250
5-V Machine

All Most New Rollformer 5-V Machine
High Speed

Call: Jay 772-215-2156
Quadro Schlebach

Machine is a few years old and in perfect shape. Sits on a trailer.
Located in Tennessee.

PRICE: $60,000 OBO
Call: Kyle 239-671-5838
Ras Turbobend CNC Sheet Metal Folding Machine

I have a used 2001 ras turbobend cnc folding system that has only 2,900 hours on it. It's barely been used. It's in great shape. I own 2 of these and this one never gets used. I don't have enough work for both which is my only reason for selling it.

EQUIPPED WITH: RAS CNC SYSTEM 5000 for Backgauge, Folding Beam, Upper Beam, and Virtual CNC Axis for the Folding Beam Adjustment, All Welded Steel Construction, 3-1/2" Floppy Disc Drive, Foot Pedal.

The RAS Turbobend is the Fastest and Most Accurate Metal Folding System for the Roofing, Architectural, and Metal Construction Industries. The RAS Turbobend is a Very High Quality German Built Machine w/ an Extraordinarily User Friendly Control! New Replacement Price is $155,000.

PRICE: $25,000 OBO
Call: Jon (313)893-3550 from 8am - 4:30pm or (313)363-4897 after 4:30pm
RAS Folder & Shear

RAS Turbobend 16ga. x 10ft. CNC Folder, 32" CNC Backgage. Runs Good, 220v 3ph

RAS Power Shear, 14ga. x 10ft., 24" Front Operated Backgage, Front or Rear Part Discharge, Two Front Support Arms Runs Good, 220v 3ph

Quick Sale Price for both Loaded Truck, Florida
PRICE: $19,500

Call: Dave 561-215-8001
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MODEL 475-1808
Gear Drive
18 Stands 3.25 Shaft Diameter
40 HP
20,000 Lb. Uncoiler Flying Cut-Off

PRICE: $69,500

Call: 951-237-1063
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Jobsite Tech Roof Panel Machine

Model# RP1216 Serial# RP-15-0390014
Roof panel machine includes seam machine and runout rollers 3 sections

PRICE: $14,000 OBO

Call: Phillip 334-799-6061
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5V-Crimp Rollformer SOLD
Trailer mounted with dual decoilers. Set up is approximately 3 years old. Approximately 60 coils run thru it. Been towed once down the road since new. Digital batch controller and other accessories. I`m retiring. Located in South Florida.
PRICE: $23,500 OBO
2008 Englert Model A1000 Multi panel Metal roof machine

Aston, PA
PRICE: $30,000 FOB


New in 2007. Hayes single level post cut rollformer. Set up for R panel. Includes the extended roller line.

This is recent repossession. Currently having the equipment inspected by Hayes, but appears to be in excellent condition.

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12 Stands 3 Shaft Diameter
32 Roll Space
Chain Drive

Air Shear- Pre Cut
LITTELL 10,000 Lb. Uncoiler

Tooled For 5V 4V 4V Corrugated
Corrugated & Duo-Rib

PRICE: $44,500
In Plant, Under Power

Call: 951-237-1063
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20 Stands
20,000 Lb Uncoiler & coil Car
Post Cut-Off
MP300 Controller
Tooled For: 36 Wide PBR-Panel
Run-Out Table

PRICE: $90,000
In Plant, Under Power
Call: 951-237-1063
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Hayes Dual Level Panel Rollformer Brand New in 2005
For Manufacturing Metal Roof and Sidewall Panels
Hayes Dual Level Panel Rollformer
Material: Galvanized and Painted Steel
Material Strength: Grade "D" and "E"; 50 KSI and 80 KSI Yield Minimum
Thickness: 24 - 29 gauge for R-Panel; 26 - 29 gauge for Ag Panel
Decoiler Information
Entry Coil Weight: 12,000 lbs max.
Entry Coil Width: 48" Max.
Entry Coil Inside Diameter: 24" Maximum, 20" Minimum
Entry Coil Outside Diameter: 65" Maximum
Line Speed: 150 FPM
Line Direction: Left to Right
Mode Of Operation: Post Cut
Cut Mode: Stop and Cut
Length Tolerance: +/- 1/16"
Power Requirements: Drive: 460 Volts, 60 Cycles, 3 Phase (Transformers are available also)
For more information, please contact us at 863-673-8174.
**Shipping will be the responsibility of the buyer. We will be happy to help make any necessary arrangements.
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1999 Schechtl Mab 3100
10' 14 ga.
Very good condition

Tennsmith hand brake Model hb121-16 ga. 10' 16 ga. Good condition.
Great starter brake for metal roofing. 843-833-3133
Used 2006 New Tech Machinery Multi Pro SSP
Comes with 2 run out stands, 1 mandrel, computer for batch control, and 1" nailstrip panel profile. Only 26 hours. Looks new. Price $28,000
Call 843-833-3133 for more details.
  • New and Improved Polyurethane Drive Rollers
  • Choice of one hardened Stainless Steel Forming Roller System with Shear Dies
  • EZE CHANGETM Profile Replacement System
  • Quick Change Power PacTM, Gas or Electric
  • Computer Length & Batch Control
  • Power Interruption Safety Circuit
  • UL 90 Rated Panels
  • Panel Recognition Safety Photo Eye
  • Hydraulic Drive and Shear
  • Length Control Limit Switch
  • One Pair of Bead, Pencil, Striation or V Rib Rollers
  • Push Button RUN/JOG Controls at Entry and Exit Ends
  • Welded Tubular Steel Frame
  • Knudson-Varipan
    Roll former with batch control, seamer, can send photo
    Excellent condition
    $23,000 with seamer
    Call: 850-672-0554
    Jobsite 1200 1" snaplock panel machine
    with trailer and hoist

    Selling price: $17,000
    Call: 989-387-6860
    Used gutter machines also available for sale
    RAS Turbobender
    Selling Price: $46,000

    Call: 989-387-6860
    NewTech SSP Panel Machine SOLD
    The SSP is less than 2 years old and has never been used out in the weather. It has less than 30 hours use overall. The panel machine has a computer, an overhead reel rack, 2 - expandable decoiler reels, all mounted on 12000# tandam axel trailer. There are also 2 of the small v rib assemblys & 2 - 10 foot run out stands. The machine has a gas engine. Quick change to other profiles available from NewTech Machinery. 75 feet per minute. FOB Portland Oregon $34,000 - New price $44,000 Pictures Available.

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