This website was formed to make it easier for fellow manufactureres to buy & sell metal working equipment. As a Metal Roofing & Siding Manufacturer in Georgia, I know how hard it is to locate good machines. If you do find them, brokers are trying to make a killing off of the machine and it doesn't make it worth while to buy used (This is why you guys sit on stuff for so long). This website is going to change that.

During the first stage of this site, I'm going to manually enter information, pictures and pricing for the machines available. During the second stage, you will be able to upload your own information for the machine you wish to purchase or sell. We are going to have posts so we can share information between one another. At a later date you will be asked to register so you can receive updates. The site will remain free (except for dealers) for at least a year. After that time, there will be a small charge for placing ads.

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